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Can You Really Burn 100, 250, or Even 500 More Calories a Day?

Your Metabolism Says You Can


an easier way to more results 


  • Read hundreds of fitness magazines looking for more ways to burn fat?
  • Been on the web wondering if you should try the keto, paleo, macro, or Atkins diet?
  • Felt like punching the next person that says, "Just eat less."


  • Came home after a long day at work and just wanted to eat everything salty and sweet?
  • Felt like there was a better solution than taking more diet pills?
  • Wanted to get the body you want, but overwhelmed by all the information?  


I've put eight years into training and being so 'type A' with working out, but something just didn't add up. 

Everyone says to lose weight you need to be in a caloric deficit, and I was! But I was missing a big piece of the cake (chocolate fudge of course.)

After five years of coaching women who have tried doing it on their own, the answer isn't eating less.

The answer is rewiring your metabolism.

I'm here to teach you the tools that I use on my clients to save you time, money and frustrations. It's time to make fitness easy & efficient. 

You don't have to do this alone. 

Rewiring Your Metabolism to Burn More Fat - In Just 30 Days

The process of losing weight no longer has to be synonymous with starving. I've had women come to me in the myriads (who says that) doing their spin class 5 days a week or daily workout and can't lose weight. How is it, when they are eating "healthy" and not a lot of food, that you still can't lose weight?

The answer lies in your metabolism. Through years of losing weight, gaining weight, new diets, caloric restriction, alcohol intake, coffee consumption, and sugar, our body learns to adapt. 

By consistently eating less your body goes into starvation mode. This means more cravings, more obsession over food, and a slower metabolism. 

It's no wonder when you "splurge" on a bowl of ice cream or wine that your body holds onto every calorie it can. 

When you finally nourish your body with adequate food, meaning the right quantity and quality, your body will take care of itself. It doesn't want to hold onto fat if you keep making it exercise.

It's time we make your metabolism your number one bitch.


rewire your metabolism to actually burn fat

Key 1: Food Intolerance Test

  •  Finally identify and eliminate the "healthy" foods that are holding you back
  • Your hair sample tested against 600+ food items, 50 heavy metal levels, and vitamin & mineral deficiencies through bioresonance testing

Key 2 : Diet

  •  Macros made simple to strengthen your metabolism
  • Redefining "diet" 
  • Sustainable eating habits for results that last
  • Plant-based, fat loss, & muscle builder meal plans

Key 3: Abdominal Exercises

  • My top three ab workouts to tone and strengthen
  • 10 intentional daily habits to keep you leaning out and your mind in the game

Key 4: All Things Food

  •  Discover ways to cook healthy (even when you don't feel like it)
  • Recipes that nourish with micronutrients to burn fat and prevent cravings
  • Explore why the gluten-free way will 10xs your energy



  • Access to the BGL Club private Facebook community to connect
  • 30 days of email accountability from me - to keep you encouraged, motivated, and inspired (bad jokes included)


  • Free 30-minute coaching call to identify the missing links, tackle underlying issues and get specific adjustments to start the program off right


Start Burning More Calories with Your Metabolism


BONUS: Purchase in the next 30 minutes to schedule your free 30-minute coaching call with me. We talk about your goals and create actionable strategies specific to you to kick off the program right.

What Women Are Saying About Morgan and Her Work

I have been doing CrossFit for years, but I know my nutrition was thrown to the wayside. I finally decided I needed more awareness. Morgan's coaching is extremely supportive and caring as she devotes her time and knowledge to help me obtain my fitness goals while providing me with motivation throughout the process. It was extremely refreshing to see the extensive knowledge base that she applied to my weight loss and I can truly attribute my success to her! - MORGAN


I was doing crossfit for a little over a year and wasn't seeing the results I wanted. I have always been an athlete and basically ate what i wanted. But i wanted muscles and definition. After a year of crossfit i knew i needed to change my diet in order to get the results i wanted. A friend of mine suggested i reach out to Morgan. She walked me through the whole process. I decided to give it my all. It was overwhelming and confusing at first but Morgan helped me with it all. I started to feel great, my performance improved and i was seeing definition in my body. After a few week i started looking at food as fuel, and change my whole outlook on what i was eating. - CHRISTINE

Morgan helped me not only learn more about nutrition & what it consists of, but helped me tailor my nutrition to my personal and fitness goals. She helped me gain confidence as an NCAA Division 1 athlete, and helped motivate me to find a lifestyle I love. And on top of that she’s a pretty cool cat 🐱 - JENNA

Morgan is not only my coach I can check in with every week, but my best friend. She made me look at the underlying reasons why I felt the need to be heavy. I was scared, scared to be seen and loved. Morgan helped me realized that I was deserving. She helped me heal emotionally while guiding my eating. And my food intolerance test showed I was intolerant to peanuts, coconut, and oats! All of which I had been eating, and after I cut them out, I was able to clear up my skin and have so much more energy! - BRIANNE

About your coach, Morgan Olson: 

I’ve done everything from paleo, vegan, vegetarian, macros, flexible dieting, clean eating diet, and it wasn’t until focused on strenghthening my metabolism that I saw quicker results. The muscle I gained was a combination of counting macros with whole eating. My biggest takeaway is consistency is KEY! Having a diet and workout program that is sustainable is the key to results that actually stick. - MORGAN


Here's a SNEAK PEAK For You


I can't give up wine and the bachelor, sooo?  

Girl, I am with you! The program doesn't use obsessive calorie counting or restriction. This is the step-by-step guide to get you the body you want without the militant mindset. So scoot over because I want to watch too.

How do I know this will work? You don't. I don't know either. Every single body is different. But what I do know is that these tools will give you a good foundation for feeling your best. I would ask yourself - if using these tools could make you feel even 20%, 30%, 50% better, would that be worth the effort? If the answer is yes, I would sign up. If the answer is no, this program is not for you.  

I already eat pretty healthy and workout a lot. Why isn't the weight coming off?

Perfect, exactly why I created this program. Something is missing and it's not fair for the amount of time you're putting in. Your metabolim is likely slowing down and preventing you from losing fat. The 30-minute coaching call comes in clutch to get specific adjustments and start the program off on the right food."

What is the food intolerance test? 

It is a bioresonance test that uses a few strands of your hair to determine your inflammatory response. We test 600+ food items for an intolerance of 85% or higher. The test also includes 50 heavy metal levels and vitamin & mineral deficiencies. This is not an allergy test. This test finds foods that could be making you tired, puffy, and break out. 

Do I have to follow a meal plan?

You can if you like the structure. If not, there are PLENTY of meal swap and meal recipes to keep you creative. I made the meal plan to demonstrate the ideal way to strengthen your metabolism. Macros are SIMPLE so you have the FLEXIBILITY to eat intuitively without counting.

How long will I have access to this course? After signing up, you'll have unlimited access to the program for as long as you like (across all devices you own). You'll also have access to updates if content is added for future sessions. 

What if I'm unhappy with the program? If you aren't satisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days - and we'll give you a full refund. No questions asked.  

There is no one right diet to lose weight. 

But it does not define you. 

It's time to reclaim your body.

Start learning the tools to help rewire your metabolism.